Our MpaMpe



Our main target is to bridge the gap between the donors and the people especially women in need by providing a platform which will allow for fundraising and making of campaigns aimed at supporting these people in need easily.

"MpaMpe is targeting the single mothers, children in the orphanages, women/children hospitalised and in need of serious medical assistance, street children, to mention but a few and hoping to support them raise the necessary funds for their basic needs, name it...."

Emilly Namuganga

DevOps ~ CTO

Our Approach

MpaMpe aims to provide a fast way to raise funds with no upfront fees. We also aim at providing donors/sponsors with a way to track their progress incase of any donations made. While on the platform, details about the various categories of campaigns that require funding/donating will be exposed, this will enable our donors be in position to decide on which campaign to support.

Balunga Mariam

Frontend Dev ~ Ag Operations


To create a platform specifically tailored to help individuals or Organisations outsource funds for their businesses, ideas and needs through using and adopting technology to strategically support their efforts.


To have more people leverage online platforms strategically to support their ideas, needs and explore economic opportunities.

Bukirwa Angella

CMO ~ Systems


Many charities,individuals as well as organisations are struggling to collect funds in a world where almost everyone is online. MpaMpe aims to help individuals,charities as well as organisations to overcome the challenges by embracing digital technologies bringing them up to speed with the modern world.

Atuhaire Ronnie

Blockchain Dev ~ Ag Team Lead